The digital music download market is an emerging growth market. The computer will soon be the focus of most home entertainment. Distribution and delivery of music is changing rapidly because of the computer. Truthfully many artists don’t need a record deal anymore. The Major labels are too big and also too slow for the hungry music consumer. The online distributors that are out, cater mainly to the majors, with too many genres.

What’s unique about StreetCDs is that we sale one genre of music – Hip-Hop, perhaps the most influential music out now. This way, customers don’t have to wade through different genres of music that they’re not interested in. By doing so, we give independents a chance to play on the same field as the majors. You provide the music, and we provide the service that allows you to take advantage of the digital music download market. An artist, or label, can affiliate with StreetCDs to test their market, and get started selling their music online.

Even though we distribute artists from all over, artists/labels need only to promote in their immediate region. Also, anywhere the site is promoted your music benefits from the promotion as well.

There’s no need to spend thousands of dollars on CD manufacturing. This frees up capital to do other things, like better production, mastering, promotion, and marketing. For you as independents, it saves on overhead.

Our genres of hip-hop include East Coast, West Coast, Midwest, Dirty South, Old Skool, and International Hip-Hop. If you fit one of these formats, and would like to promote and sell your CD, hit us up. If you own your masters, you can sell your songs, and CD’s, on StreetCDs.

The CD’s, and singles, are sold as downloads from our site. A CD must be at least 10 songs. Singles are defined as, any song from an artist’s or group’s submitted CD, or a stand-alone EP. The client (artist or label) receives 65 percent per download for the album or single(s). For simplicity’s sake, CD’s are priced at $10, and singles at $1.00. That’s $6.50 to you, for each full CD sold, or $.65 per song sold.

Quit doing mixcd’s and do a StreetCD. Download a submission form and get started now. GET OUT THERE AND SELL SOME UNITS! YOU CANNOT AFFORD NOT TO DO BUSINESS WITH US.

What We Expect From Our Clients

Promotion: We expect a 110% effort from our clients. We expect you to advertise and promote your CD. Commit to a budget for postcards, posters, print media if possible, or online advertising through StreetCDs, or some other site. The upfront footwork before the release will lay the foundation for your sales.

Quality: What you record on is your business, what it sounds like is ours. All albums will be reviewed from the 1st track to the last track. Make sure your mix is retail ready, get your levels right and have a good track index. Send us a CD with a bio of the artist or group. Also include a photo in jpeg format of the CD cover, artist, or logo. Send us a back up disc just in case, and make sure that when you mail your CD, you send it as a fragile package.

Label Business: If you’re a label putting out a signed artist, handle your business with them like we handle ours with you. We cut checks to the person or persons that are legally allowed to register the album. That’s that on that. Make sure you do some form of copyright on your releases. If you have a major guest appearance on your release, or if you’ve dome some sampling, make sure you have all your clearance papers in order.

Contact Info: Do you wanna get paid on time? If so, we would like to pay you on time. Keep all contact information current.

Download a submission form now. Right Click & Save Target As streetcds content provider agreement.pdf

Adobe reader is needed to view the pdf file.